Mcqueeney Dam Project Update

May 10, 2024

The Board of Directors for Lake McQueeney Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 (LMWCID 1, or “the District”) would like to provide residents an update on the work performed so far at the dam for the Lake McQueeney Spillgate Replacement and Dam Armoring Project.

Schedule Status:

Substantial completion date is September 2025

Work Started and/or completed:

  • Bay 1 - 1st reinforced concrete lift completed
  • Bay 1 - steel reinforcement for 2nd concrete lift started
  • Bay 1 - gate demolition completed
  • Bay 1 - existing concrete structure demo started
  • North embankment dam armoring is ongoing

Upcoming work

  • Bay 1 - Remove cofferdam steel waler
  • Bay 1 - Install steel dowels, rebar, place and cure 2nd concrete lift
  • Bay 1 – continue concrete structure demolition
  • Bay 1 – Install dowels, rebar, formwork, and concrete for under slab
  • foundation
  • Continue dam armoring earthwork and concrete placement

Steel-Fab, Inc (steel gate manufacturer)

  • Steel Fab gate manufacturing is on schedule
  • HPU (hydraulic power unit) – testing completed and accepted
  • Hydraulic cylinder factory acceptance testing (FAT) is scheduled for mid-late July.

If residents have additional questions regarding the Lake McQueeney Spillgate Replacement and Dam Armoring Project, please use the Contact Us form to submit your inquiries.

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