Lake McQueeney Dam Project – Status Update: July 2023

July 25, 2023

While the project officially started last month, watchful residents have asked when “construction” would start on the Lake McQueeney Spillgate Replacement and Dam Armoring project. A number of infrastructure and logistic items needed to be implemented before work could commence on the area of the dam.

The construction access road from Rudeloff Road to Hot Shot Lane has been under construction and is now completed. This newly constructed road will provide access for delivering heavy equipment, concrete trucks, construction materials, etc. to the project site. The subsequent access road from Hot Shot Lane to the dam is under construction.

Additionally, site clearing and staging preparation adjacent to the dam berm is underway. The construction lay-down area and job office preparations are nearing completion.

Meanwhile, marine divers have explored underwater field conditions upstream of the dam. Lastly, the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) devices have been installed.

There are still a lot of items in the works as the project continues, to include:

  • Shop drawings and submittals being reviewed and processed
  • Pilings, beams, and crane matts (timbers) will be delivered late July - early August
  • Driving of steel sheet piling wing wall adjacent the berm will begin mid-August
  • Driving of work bridge pilings to begin mid-late August
  • Excavation and subgrade preparation for the concrete access road upstream of the levy is ongoing

The Board of Directors for Lake McQueeney Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 (Lake McQueeney WCID 1) encourage residents with additional questions regarding the project to reach out via the District website “Contact Us” page.

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