Lake McQueeney WCID 1 – February 15 Post-Meeting Update

February 17, 2023

The Lake McQueeney WCID 1 Board of Directors understands many residents who were unable to attend the February 15, 2023 meeting may have questions regarding the project- and election-related topics discussed, and the subsequent conversations occurring on local social media.

The Board strongly recommends anyone who has not done so reviews the meeting video first-hand, which can be found at: While reviewing the video of the meeting and the options provided to the Board for their consideration on Wednesday, the supporting document from the Financial Advisor has been posted to the website here.

Lake McQueeney WCID 1 thanks all the attendees who were present at the Ski Lodge and online for their patience during the meeting, and their continued support of the efforts of the WCID Board of Directors.

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