Guadalupe Valley Lakes Update: April 5, 2022

April 5, 2022

The below information was posted to the Guadalupe Valley Lakes website ( on April 4, 2022 and relates to the GBRA construction timelines for Lake McQueeney and Lake Placid.


Obtaining the necessary permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) remains the next step in the process in order to begin construction to replace the spillgates and enhance the dams at Lake McQueeney and Lake Placid.

GBRA formally initiated the permitting process with USACE in August 2021 during the engineering design phase of both projects. In late 2021 we were informed that both the Lake McQueeney and Lake Placid projects would be subject to additional permitting requirements, different from what was required for the Lake Dunlap project.

There are currently three key issues identified by USACE that GBRA is working to address to obtain the necessary permits: wetland mitigation requirements, environmental requirements and cultural resource requirements.

GBRA conducted a biological assessment at each dam and has presented an approach to wetland mitigation requirements and environmental requirements to the USACE. We are awaiting formal response, but have received indication that our existing mitigation strategies will likely satisfy the necessary requirements. We anticipate the cultural resources requirements, which includes both architectural and archeological requirements, will be the longest lead item to obtaining permit approval. GBRA’s consultant has completed field studies in accordance with the sampling plan approved by the Texas Historical Commission and USACE. Findings from these field studies are being summarized in a report that will be presented to these agencies for review in April. This review has the potential to trigger additional requirements, but we will not have that information until review of the report has been completed.

We understand that these unforeseen delays are frustrating to the Lake McQueeney and Lake Placid communities who are eager to begin construction. While we continue to navigate a great deal of uncertainty in this new permitting process, our engineering and executive teams are doing everything they can to address all requirements as quickly as possible. While we are not certain how long it will take to receive permit approval, we are looking at scenarios in which we would initiate the 60-day general contractor bid process in summer 2022.

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