Several important circumstances make now the optimal time to confirm Lake McQueeney Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 and begin the process of modifying McQueeney Dam. 

Low interest loans are currently available through the Texas Water Development Board (TWBD) at a less than 0.5% rate. If the District must use market rate bonds at a later date, the interest rate increases to approximately 3%, costing the District more in interest payment over the life of the loan. 

Another consideration is the recent past failure of 2 of the 6 Guadalupe Lakes’ dams. Modifications to the almost 100-year-old McQueeney Dam have been deemed a priority because of the collapse of Lake Wood Dam in 2016 and Lake Dunlap Dam is 2019. Delaying the solution means prolonging the concern a similar event may happen to McQueeney Dam. 

Be sure to read through the other election-related documents on the website to see the steps the Lake McQueeney WCID 1 Board of Directors have taken to fully research their options moving forward, and if you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out via the website “Contact Us” form.

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